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 Agents Fees.

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Agents Fees. Empty
PostSubject: Agents Fees.   Agents Fees. EmptyFri Feb 15, 2008 3:10 am

I notice the Saints are still one of the top clubs in paying out vast amounts in Agents fees. The lastest figures are based on the period after the demise of Rupert Lowe.
New regs/trans. 15
Updated Conts. 2
Cancell Conts. 1
Loans. 5
Total Actions. 23

Total amounts paid to Agents July1st - Dec31st. 2006 = 842533.00
Total amounts paid to Agents July1st - Dec31st. 2007 = 312950.00
These are still large amounts compared to the likes of Coventry Total = 49100.00 for 29 actions.
Brist.City Total = 378100.00for 34 actions.
Cardiff Total = 389000.00for 16 actions including Fowler etc.
Before anyone states otherwise, this is not a vote of approval for Rupert Lowe!!.
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Agents Fees.
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